The 9a onsight interview with Alexander Megos

I decided to go for an onsight, because there was nobody who knew the route, so nobody could tell me anything. And it was a spontaneous decision to try the route. I am not planning anything on my trips. I just have a look at the crag to see which route turns me on and than I try it.”

DMM has published a full interview where Alexander finishes by saying,

Something I have learned in my climbing years is that time management is really important, but the most important thing is fun. It’s not worth training hard for a good result in a competition or to climb a hard route, if on the other hand you lose the fun which climbing should be. It doesn’t matter if you have climbed the route or you’ve won the competition. When you feel like chilling or doing something totally different, just do it. Sooner or later you will find your way back to climbing because it’s simply the best sport on earth.