Fischhuber & Stöhr win in Millau

1. Anna Stöhr (6) 4t13 4b13 – Kilian Fischhuber (5) 3t9 3b5
2. Shauna Coxsey (2) 4t14 4b13 – Gui-Gui Mondet (4) 1t1 4b10
3. Akiyo Noguchi (3) 3t7 4b9 – Jorg Verhoeven (2) 1t1 3b7

Kilian and Anna are the best World Cup boulderers in the history and they won again. Both have won 18 World Cups and for Anna it also includes two World Championships and one European Championship. It was a great show with good problems mainly on volumes throughout the whole competition. Results from the semi are shown in brackets.